Welcome to Good Family Films
We have taken some of the best of previous
San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festivals
and put them into a DVD collection.

RE:Collection (3 DVD Set) Films Shown at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival
The RE:Collection is a 3 DVD set of 15 short films with 5 1/2 hours of God honoring, family friendly entertainment. Each of the films in the RE:Collection were shown at the 2007 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) and represent the growing Christian film movement.

The 2007 SAICFF was deemed one of the best years for short films and now The RE: Collection brings the film festival experience into your home!

For its artistic quality and its willingness to present perspectives rarely seen in mainstream productions, the Parents Television Council is proud to award The RE: Collection with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM.

The Filmmakers

– Marc Mattos

– John Moore

Joel’s Journey
– John-Clay Burnett

The Photographer: How the Rain Falls
– Samuel D. Ramsey

The Case of Diamonds and Jewels
– Alice A. Ong

The Gift
– Evan Bambrick

– Brett Varvel

The Journal
– Chad Stembridge

Call of Courage
– Matthew Bradley

The Pushtun
– Caleb Rocke

– Caleb Vetter

A Defense of God’s Law
– Scott Eash

– Chase Johnson

Restore Unto Me
– John Boulden and Catherine Boulden

Tactical Parenthood
– David T. Koonce