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We have taken some of the best of previous
San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festivals
and put them into a DVD collection.

RE:Collection (3 DVD Set) Films Shown at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival
The RE:Collection is a 3 DVD set of 15 short films with 5 1/2 hours of God honoring, family friendly entertainment. Each of the films in the RE:Collection were shown at the 2007 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) and represent the growing Christian film movement.

The 2007 SAICFF was deemed one of the best years for short films and now The RE: Collection brings the film festival experience into your home!

For its artistic quality and its willingness to present perspectives rarely seen in mainstream productions, the Parents Television Council is proud to award The RE: Collection with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM.


The Photographer: How the Rain Falls

Best of Festival – Finalist Best Narrative – Jubilee Award – 2nd Running Time 54:00 The year is 1929. James Lewis is a police photographer in a small suburb. His job involves high risks and little reward. Jem finds himself struggling to find a true standard of justice amid his turbulent times. Ella Reinhardt is […]

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Joel’s Journey

Best Family Film – Jubilee Award – 1st Best Documentary – Jubilee Award – Finalist Running Time 33:39 When faced with their greatest trial, life for the Morris family was changed forever. Through challenges, opposition, and rejection at the hospital, the Morris’ continued to face each difficulty by standing on the Word of God.

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In The News

Uganda Man

In the little town of Rushere, Uganda, water is scarce and poverty is prevalent. Here, alcoholism, malaria, and HIV regularly ravage lives and destroy families. But even in a place where shrines and witchdoctors are revered and adored, a small church led by a man of faith has brought hope to a dry and weary […]

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Paradise Palau: Discovering Paradise

“Paradise is where God’s Word comes down and changes us.” “Paradise in Palau” – a semi-finalist in the 2013 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival—is more than just a documentary about the wonders of an island famous for its exotic oceans and breathtaking scenery. “Paradise in Palau” is the story of the Gospel being shared […]

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Other Recent Posts

Review: “The Pink Room” Documentary

Please note: “The Pink Room” was screened at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, a family-friendly event. However, it may not be appropriate for children under 12 to watch. “The Pink Room” is a captivating 45-minute documentary that takes you into the horrific reality of sex trafficking in Cambodia. It powerfully presents the story […]

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GFF Interviews Creator of Semi-Finalist Film, Manhood

Last year GFF had the chance to meet up with Michael Payne Sr. at the San Antonio Christian Film Academy. His film “Don’t Lose Heart” was a semi-finalist at the 2012 SAICFF competition. This year he’s back with a second short film in the 2013 Festival called “Manhood”. This film is about a father’s duty […]

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Bagpipes Presentation at 2013 SAICFF

The SAICFF attendees got a real treat this year! What a beautiful presentation!

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